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Everything We’re Buying for Our Hobby Era This Winter

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Design: theSkimm | Photos: Amazon, Le Puzz
February 14, 2024

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One of our biggest goals this year? To get off our phones and get into our hobby era. So if you’re feeling stir-crazy like us and are looking to spice up your routine, we’re sharing all the must-have activities we’re turning to to keep us entertained.


A pottery kit you can do at home…

We’ve seen Sculpd all over social media and this winter we finally gave it a try. This kit comes with air-dry clay, varnish, tools, paint, and an easy-to-follow instruction booklet. Personally, we love following the brand’s Instagram account for project inspiration. ($65, Amazon)

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The Woobles

A beginner’s crochet kit…

PSA: Crocheting is so back — and it’s perfect if you want to do something with your hands that doesn’t involve scrolling on your phone. These kits from The Woobles allow you to make an adorable mini plush toy. You can pick from iconic characters like Harry Potter, Snoopy, Miffy, and more. So if you’re looking to get into the hobby and feel intimidated, try this brand out. You’ll get everything you need — from yarn and needles to stuffing. ($25+, The Woobles)

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A LEGO flower bouquet that’s playful and unique…

Live flowers wilt in under a week, but LEGO flowers last forever. Plus, the different shapes and vibrant colors will make for a conversation-starting centerpiece. And if you buy these to do with a partner or friend, putting them together will be a fun activity for the two of you. ($47.99, Amazon)

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A coloring book to help calm your mind…

We love Dani DiPirro for her motivating illustrations on Instagram. So her coloring book is the best way to get a hint of that without having to be on your phone. Not only does it have detailed spreads, but it also has built-in affirmations that’ll make you feel better after a hard day. ($9.99, Amazon)

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An interactive art journal…

Whether you have kids or are looking to unleash your creativity, this bestselling journal makes long days at home a bit messier. Prompts include using mud, poking holes, creating drips, and so much more. They’re truly so unique and will allow you to feel inspired and entertained with materials you already have at home. Goodbye, cabin fever. ($9.59, Amazon)

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A MasterClass subscription to boost your brain power…

From relational intelligence classes with Esther Perel to homemaking tips with Martha Stewart to life advice with Elaine Welteroth. You’ll be able to explore your interests and learn from experts, or try your hand at something brand new. Classes are on-demand videos, so learning is on your terms. ($120+/year, MasterClass)

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An affordable way to test out new fitness studios…

Moving our bodies always makes us feel better. ClassPass is a classic for a reason. You’ll pay a monthly fee that’ll provide you with credits. You can then use those credits towards reserving your spot and booking appointments at gyms, workout classes, salons, spas, and so much more — all at a discounted rate. If you love trying new and different fitness classes, it’s a great tool to find which type of workout you like best. Plus, it has an awesome one-month free trial to get you started. (Price varies by plan, ClassPass)

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Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds for cozy concerts…

It’s time to leave the house. Did you know that Billie Eilish, Hozier, and Andra Day all participated in Sofar Sounds concerts early in their career? The company organizes intimate concerts in 400 cities around the world for smaller, more up-and-coming artists. Each concert features three musicians in venues ranging from museums to rooftops to private homes. If you love seeing live music and getting access to inspiring musicians, keep this one at your fingertips. PS: It also makes a great date idea. (Price varies by ticket, Sofar Sounds)

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A streaming subscription to Max…

Keeping it real: Max is the streaming platform we use the most. If you’re looking to change up what you watch and feel like you’re in a TV or movie rut, it’s time to add it into your rotation. Some of our favorites for this season include: “Selena + Chef,” “Girls,” “Insecure,” “Barbie,” and so much more. The options are truly endless. ($9.99+/month, Max)

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A book mailer with a personal touch…

Set the mood and create a literary escape with a subscription from Box of Books. Each month, you’ll get one or two books, plus three add-on items to enhance your reading experience. You can tailor your shipments to your preference by selecting new or used books, your go-to genres, and different categories of extras — everything from skincare to candles. Happy reading. ($47.99+/box, Cratejoy)

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A crate of crafts to bring out your inner artist…

This crafting crate for adults includes all the tools, accessories, and instructions needed to make different, exciting projects each month. Think woodburning and candle-making. Not only are they fun for one person, a couple, or a group, they are perfect for learning new skills and winding down after a long holiday season. ($32+/box, Cratejoy)

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A Perler bead set…

The best part about adulthood? Reintroducing yourself to hobbies and activities from your childhood and enjoying them all over again. This Perler bead set comes with 5500 beads and a variety of shapes to choose from. Grab a set and invite your friends over for a magnet making night. ($11.40, Amazon)

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Le Puzz

A colorful puzzle to keep boredom away…

Thanks to the 500 pieces and “I Spy”-esque design, your afternoon will be fully booked. Enjoy with a cup of tea to master the lazy-day vibes. Psst…if you’re looking for more puzzles and games, check out our full roundup. ($32, Le Puzz)

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The meditation app our editors swear by…

Sometimes a little boredom can be fixed by taking a moment to clear your mind. Headspace is known for their meditations, but it offers tons more resources that can help you identify not-so-great habits and explore better ones. From movement goals to strategies for better focus, the app has science-backed meditation, mindfulness tools, sleep tips, and more. ($12.99+/month, Headspace)

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obé Fitness

Online fitness classes you can do at home…

From HIIT and cardio to yoga and Pilates, obé Fitness is the ultimate subscription if you love working out from the comfort of your living room. You can pick from so many different options, including working with a personal trainer, music genre, class length, and so on. The experience is pretty customizable to ensure that you’ll find a class you like (and actually enjoy). Plus, their famous neon backgrounds and uplifting instructors provide good energy all around. Hello, new WFH break. (Price varies by plan, obé Fitness)

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A paint-by-numbers kit you’ll actually want to display…

These kits from Paint Anywhere come in countless elevated designs that are cool enough to hang in your space. This one is pasta-party themed but you can pick from charming settings to fun graphics. You’ll get an 8 inch by 10 inch stretched canvas, five brushes, and 12 pots of acrylic paint that are coded with the corresponding numbers. DIY paint night, anyone? ($28,

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Sur La Table

Online cooking classes from Sur La Table…

If you don’t have a Sur La Table location near you, or simply want to do a class from home, their online cooking classes are everything. Their instructors are kind and ultra-knowledgeable — and you’ll walk away with a delicious meal you made all on your own. Beforehand, you’ll get a prep packet that includes a shopping list of what ingredients you’ll need to buy and quickstart instructions. Classes take place on Zoom and last from 90 to 120 minutes. The best part? Classes start at $29 and the price is the same no matter how many people are in your kitchen. ($29+, Sur La Table)

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StudioAkiyo via Etsy

A DIY candle-making kit…

Wintertime = the quintessential time for burning candles. This beginner-level set from Etsy comes with a bag of natural soy wax, a wooden wick, a wick sticker and metal base, a handmade jar with a matching lid, and some fragrance oil. When you place your order, you can choose from nine fragrance combinations. The best part? It’ll only take up to 30 minutes to make. ($26.14, StudioAkiyo via Etsy)

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