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Planning to Have Sex on Valentine's Day? Bring These Toys to Bed With You

valentine's day sex toys guide
Design: theSkimm | Images: Lelo, Maude, Lovehoney
January 29, 2024

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The idea that you have to have sex on Valentine’s Day is a myth. But if you are inspired to hit the sheets on February 14, either with yourself or a partner, we recommend doing it with one of the sex toys and accessories ahead. From a massage oil that stimulates your senses to a vibrator that mimics a flickering tongue, these things can encourage a deeper connection with yourself or your partner, plus a sense of play — what every satisfying session needs. Oh, and really good orgasms.  

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plusOne rabbit vibrator

A luxurious dual-motor vibrator you’ll be telling your group chat about...

It’s hard to gatekeep this vibrating massager when it’s that good. It’s got two distinct motors with independently vibrating tips for pleasure in more places than one. It’s also made with velvety silicone that’s — wait for it — 100% waterproof. Plus it comes with 10 unique vibration settings, so you’ll never get bored. Our advice? Snag one before they sell out. ($30+, Amazon)*

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nixit condoms

A colorful box of condoms so you’ll always be prepared…

Not your mother’s condoms. (Sorry for the visual.) The bright packaging is designed to encourage joy and empowerment every time you catch a glimpse of it in your nightstand…and also remind you to use one when the time comes. Functionally speaking, they’re ultra-thin, vegan, spermicide-free, and lubricated with pure silicone oil. Grab a pack of three, 12, or 24. ($4+, Nixit)

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unbound babes squish vibrator
Unbound Babes

A cute little vibrator you can control with a squeeze…

This cloud-shaped, external-only vibrator is made of the squishiest, silkiest silicone that feels like real skin. You can use it in two ways. The Haptic mode lets you control the intensity by squeezing it (the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations), so you can go at your own pace and explore the intensity that feels good to you. Or, you can set it and forget it on one of the preset patterns and intensity levels. Perfect for people who don’t like internal toys, or for teasing a partner. ($66, Unbound Babes

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we-vibe rabbit vibrator

An updated version of your trusted rabbit…

The rabbit vibe we all know and love just got a little better. This toy from We-Vibe offers both internal and external stimulation, and each part has different vibration levels so you can customize the experience exactly how you like it. It's made of soft, squishy silicone that's flexible and comfortable. It's also water-resistant for easy cleaning (or taking in the shower with you). Connect it to the We-Vibe app for a totally immersive experience. ($149, We-Vibe)

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bellesa boutique satin handcuffs
Bellesa Boutique

A set of silky-soft handcuffs…

The cutest way to get a little kinky. There’s nothing intimidating about these handcuffs from Bellesa, from the soft lavender color to the silky material and pretty bow ties. They’re also adjustable, so you can decide how much or little restraint you like. Use them on wrists or ankles, or grab two pairs and use them on both. Don’t limit yourself. ($39, Bellesa Boutique)

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lovehoney double cock ring

A double cock ring for extra stimulation…

Between the textured pad, two versatile rings, and vibrating feature, this’ll amp up penetrative sex for both partners. It has 12 vibration levels you can switch up with a single button (simplicity for the win) and it’s USB-rechargeable. ($49.99, Lovehoney)

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bellesa boutique aurora 2 g spot vibrator
Bellesa Boutique

A bestselling vibrator that's beginner-friendly…

The Bellesa Aurora has earned a cult following…for reasons that should be obvious. The soft silicone material and slightly curved head are designed to make internal orgasms more accessible for more people, though you can also use it externally, too. It only has one button for easy operation. As one customer shared, “This toy is truly amazing for beginner play, with enough different vibration settings and stimulation opportunities to have lots to explore, but not too much that it is overwhelming.” ($79, Bellesa Boutique)  

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lovehoney rose clitoral suction vibrator

A vibrator small enough to fit in your purse for a weekend away…

Going on a romantic couple’s trip? Splurging on yourself with a fancy staycation? We’re happy for you. Stash this clitoris-stimulating suction vibrator in your overnight bag and prepare to be blown away by its seven (seven) pulsating modes. ($49.99, Lovehoney)

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maude massage candle

A mood-setting candle that doubles as massage oil…

This candle is fragrance-free, skin-safe, and made with jojoba and soybean oils, so when it melts down, you can pour the wax onto your partner for a sensual massage moment. The formula is specially designed to melt at a low temperature, so the oil won’t scald — it’ll just feel pleasantly warm. No emergency room trips tonight. ($30, Maude

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foria arousal oil with cbd

A CBD-infused oil to help you get in the mood…

This topical CBD oil can increase blood flow wherever it’s applied and enhance your sensitivity, so every touch will feel that much more pleasurable. It’s entirely made of organic, plant-based ingredients and doesn’t contain common irritants like alcohol and fragrance, so it’s safe for both external and internal application. It also works as a lubricant. One customer wrote: “Holy forking shirtballs did it deliver on its promise. I could feel the blood flow and warmth and that was the easiest I’ve ever achieved multiple orgasms." Enough said. 

Heads up: Coconut oil can degrade latex, so avoid using this with latex-based condoms or toys. ($48, Foria)

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lelo couples vibrator

A vibrator that’ll help any couple step up their game…

One end of the vibrator can be inserted into you, while the other rests outside to massage the clitoris. As you go, all that power will be transferred to your partner during penetration. To make sure you’re not distracted, the vibrator is remote-controlled. You’ll both be hands-free and focused on each other. ($169, Lelo)

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dame hands-free vibrator

A hands-free vibrator that lets you and your partner move around freely...

We’re officially living in the future of sex toys. This genius vibrator stays in place during sex thanks to the two wings, while providing intense vibrations to the clitoris. No more holding toys in place while things are heating up. Pro tip: It’s waterproof. ($140, Dame)

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mini magic wand vibrator

A mini version of the (in)famous Magic Wand…

The Magic Wand is classic for a reason. It’s also really big and heavy. This one has everything you know and love about the original, but in a compact size that’s nightstand drawer-friendly and just more accessible. The cushy silicone head offers powerful ciltoral stimulation and three vibration levels to switch between. If it happens to run out of battery while you’re using it, you can quickly plug it in, switch it back on, and get back to business. Crisis averted. ($89, Babeland)

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dame fin finger vibrator

A vibrator you can wear on your fingers to intensify your touch…

If you’re looking to spice up foreplay, this one’s for you. It can sit between your middle and pointer fingers, and has a little band so it won’t slide off. This is extremely quiet, has three intensity levels, and is super-versatile — perfect for exploring on yourself or a partner. ($65, Dame)

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lovehoney flickering tongue vibrator

A tongue-shaped vibrator designed to mimic oral sex…

We’ll let this one sink in a minute. This clitoral vibrator has three speeds and seven patterns. It’s the perfect option to tease with, especially if you’d prefer your mouth be somewhere else. ($59.99, Lovehoney)

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