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Kristin Cavallari on Going from Reality TV Star to Mogul

April 12, 2023

Kristin Cavallari created the archetype for the reality-TV star-turned-mogul. She was on the OG reality show, Laguna Beach, when she was in high school. And she turned that fame (and notoriety) into a business empire. She’s now the owner of a jewelry and skincare brand and a New York Times bestselling author. And she made the jump from TV to the boardroom by following her instincts and leaning into her personality. 

In this episode, Kristin shares: 

  • Her best tips for negotiating 

  • Why she cried when she watched the first episode of Laguna Beach

  • What she’s like as a boss

  • Why she decided to own 100% of her business

  • Her advice for the Vanderpump Rules cast

On Being a TV "Villain"

Kristin: I think ultimately being the villain and people hating on me made me really look inward and say, "Okay, well I don't think I'm actually that girl that's on TV, but I for sure don't wanna be." And so in a lot of ways it probably made me grow up and become who I am today.

On How She Transitioned from TV

Kristin: I think part of being one of the original, you know, reality casts probably helps. People feel like they've grown up with me. I also really think, I've always been me. I've never tried to sugarcoat anything. I've never had an agenda. And I think people can really tell. I'm really authentic and I think I live and breathe my brand. I mean, if we're gonna get into the nitty gritty, Uncommon James is my life. I mean, everything I'm designing when it comes to the jewelry, whether it's the skincare I use and wear, all of these products, I'm selfishly designing and creating what I want. And I think people can really see that.

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