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Read, Eat, Go: “The Midnight Feast,” a Salmon Bowl with Basil Sauce, and Honfleur, France


Happy Saturday. According to my Insta feed, it’s that time of year where everyone (except me and Ben Affleck, apparently) is on a boat in Italy. Instead, I’ll be using this seemingly never-ending heat wave as the perfect excuse to stay inside and lounge in my pajamas (unlike Kris Jenner, I’m not brave enough to wear them outside), rewatch Sabrina Carpenter’s stripped-down cover of Chappell Roan’s “Good Luck, Babe!,” and contemplate the “double watch” trend. I can’t decide if it looks absentmindedly chic or just…unnecessary. What is necessary, you ask? Watching Reese Witherspoon’s delightfully spot-on Nicole Kidman impression. Reese, do the “seal clap” next.

— Taylor Trudon / Writer, Culture & Lifestyle / Brooklyn, NY

READ: “The Midnight Feast” by Lucy Foley

“The Midnight Feast” by Lucy Foley


Everyone’s favorite thriller author has a new book out (just in time for your next vacation). After Francesca and her celebrity architect husband decide to open a luxury resort in an English village, locals are upset they’ve infiltrated the area. The couple carries on anyway and opens their doors with a ritzy dinner party. At said party, guest secrets come to light and in the morning, a dead body is discovered on the property. “The Midnight Feast” is a classic Lucy Foley novel packed with twists and turns, but this time, it’s a read perfect for the murder mystery-obsessed and “The White Lotus” fans alike. We asked Foley a few questions. Here’s what she had to say…

Q: What’s one thing that’s made you 10% happier?

Foley: Really good bread — and butter with the little salt crystals. Although it’s probably more like 15-20%.

Q: What item would you save if your house was on fire?

Foley: My old teddy. He’s 37 years old. Practically a member of the family. My little sons have now taken on parental responsibility.

Q: What’s one thing you’re an armchair expert on?

Foley: Succession.” Not only have I watched every episode twice, I’ve read the screenplays for all four seasons. It’s just such great writing and so brilliantly performed.

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PS: Looking for more books? Check out what Skimm HQ'rs have at the top of their summer reading lists, as well as other recs.

EAT: Pinch of Yum’s Salmon with Basil Sauce and Tomato Salad

This Supremely Summery Salmon Bowl Always Delivers


Now that summer is officially here, we’re all about easy, breezy dinners we can throw together — ideally, in one bowl. (Actually, that’s what we’re always looking for, but we digress.) Which is why we’re recommending Pinch of Yum’s Salmon with Basil Sauce and Tomato Salad. The low-effort, high-reward dish features spiced salmon, fluffy rice, and a simple tomato salad — all of which is smothered in a creamy basil sauce that’s so good, you’ll want to put it on everything. So go ahead, make a second batch, and thank us later.

The Time Commitment: Forty minutes. But to make it even easier (read: one less pot to clean), you could use precooked rice or grains.

Key Tips: Eagle-eyed readers may notice the recipe calls for corn, but the pictures feature cucumber. Either work, according to Pinch of Yum. Also, if you have leftover sauce and salad, keep this comment in mind: “[I] put [them] on some homemade crispy bread the next day...holy moly. It’s like a creamy, fancy bruschetta.”

Other Takes: The great thing about salmon bowls — or any bowl, really — is there are endless possibilities. For a sweet-and-savory combo, consider Honey Glazed Salmon Bowls or Coconut Rice Salmon Bowls. Thinking light and bright? This Salmon Shawarma Salad is packed with zesty flavor and homemade pita chips. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an Asian-inspired recipe, try this 15-minute Salmon Teriyaki Bowl or this Salmon Bibimbap Korean Rice Bowl.

What’s new in food & home:

  • Another summer, another round of viral food takes. This time, it’s the Tomatini (aka, the “savory cocktail of the summer”) and the more controversial fish hot dog, which has apparently “failed to hook” Americans. Wonder why.

  • Forget "girl dinners." According to the internet, these three items make the perfect “it girl” meal.

  • File this under extremely questionable home decor choices: A shower shaped like a birdcage. And it’s adorned with ostrich feathers, naturally.

GO Honfleur

The Quaint Coastal City That Inspired the Impressionists


All eyes will be on Paris this summer for the Olympics. But just a few hours away by car or train, along the Normandy Coast where the Seine meets the English Channel, is the enchanting port city that gets a gold medal in our book: Honfleur. Psst…this club will email you alerts when they find incredible flight deals like roundtrip to Paris from $293. Oh, and Skimm’rs can try it for just $1 before midnight tonight.

🛏 For an intimate, luxury stay in the heart of the cobblestoned action, book one of the antique-filled rooms at the grand Les Maisons de Lea. If a B&B is more your style, check out La Petite Folie with its winding staircases and peaceful garden just a short walk from city center. 

⛵ Your first stop: Le Vieux Bassin, or the Old Port. This picturesque area is lined with bars, restaurants, and art galleries. Note the light, which, in 1864, helped one Claude Monet, with the guidance of Honfleur local Eugène Boudin, overcome an artistic block. Next, wander to the nearby museum to see both of their work and admire Norman artifacts.


⛪ Architecture nerds, assemble. The Église Sainte Catherine is one of the oldest and largest wooden churches in all of France. It was, incredibly, built by 15th-century shipmakers to replace a stone church destroyed in the Hundred Years’ War. As a result, the nave looks a bit like an upside-down ship. 

🦞 In Honfleur, fresh seafood is the name of the game…and you’ll want to eat a lot of it. Start with mussels at L’Absinthe or pop into Au Petit Mareyeur for old-world vibes and a bowl of their signature bouillabaisse. Craving water views? Grab a bite right on the harbor at the city’s oldest restaurant, Le Vieux Honfleur

Btw…you can get to Europe for up to 90% less this summer by trying this club for $1 now. Simply set your home airport(s), then sit back, relax, and watch the email alerts for can’t-miss roundtrip flight deals — like Paris from $293, Rome from $289, and Greece from $347 — roll in.*

Ask An Expert Etiquette Edition

We asked you to vote on an etiquette question you’d like answered. The winner was:

Q: My partner and I are moving in together, and I make more money. Because of that, he believes I should pay more rent, but I disagree. Should I be expected to pay more because my paycheck is bigger?

Woman and man sitting at a table arguing about expenses.

“It’s important to have a sit-down conversation. Money [can be] a rocky point for couples because of a lack of communication … Sometimes all it takes is asking, ‘How do you feel?’ It’s coming from a perspective of, This is how I see it. But I also want to hear your point [of view]. Ultimately, if one partner feels very strongly about [splitting rent] 50-50, you may have to compromise by living somewhere less expensive. The person making more may not be able to have the home they were expecting — same with the person making less.

Also, take into consideration how you’re separating finances [beyond] rent. Are you splitting other bills? … It’s about coming up with a compromise … and practic[ing] those communication skills — making sure you’re [being] heard, but also listening to what your partner needs. That’s going to help down the road when the conversation is bigger than rent.”


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